What’s My Tampa Bay Home Worth, is my Zestimate Accurate?

Before you go thinking you are doomed because of what Trulia and Zillow say your home is worth – please know that many of these sites simply group recent sales together by zip code, city and other factors, which do not give you real values as to what your home may be worth. Zillow, in fact, has published the fact that their figures nationally have a 7.2% margin of error, and here locally in Tampa, that figure is closer to 14.6% inaccuracy. What’s funny is Zillow publishes these figures right on their website! All you have to do is scroll all the way down to the bottom of Zillow and look for the text that says “Zestimate Values & Accuracy”.

Zillow has also started doing Zestimates for rentals – I posted about this and got quite a response from our readers about what they think about the Zestimate!

To get an accurate picture of what your Tampa Bay home’s value is in today’s market, don’t allow a computer program to tell you what your home is worth.  We are talking about valuing possibly the most precious asset you own and it should be done by a professional! 

Check out this video of Alan Dalton, president of Realtor.com, as he criticizes Lloyd Frink, co-founder and Vice Chairman of Zillow and his “Zestimate”. I promise you will giggle.

If you would please fill out this form, we will create a free custom market analysis based on currently active homes like yours on the Tampa Bay area, and recently sold homes that are similar to yours and get back to you within 48 hours with the real data!

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