7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Friend as your Realtor


If I asked you to name your top 10 friends you could probably rattle them off without a second thought. Chances are you probably have one or two who are in Real Estate. Would you hire them to help you buy or sell a home? That’s a really tough question that you’ll have to answer […]

Ask a Realtor: When Does the Seller Have to Leave the House Prior to Closing?

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Q: The last time I sold my house (in another state) I got 2 days after closing to completely move out. Now my Realtor says I have to be out by the day of closing on my house in Florida! Why, what gives? A: Your Realtor is right. The Florida FAR/BAR As-Is contract (the most […]

Record Setting Sale for Sun Ketch St. Petersburg Townhouse!


120 50th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33703 has Just Sold for $394,000! This represents the HIGHEST SALE PRICE for a SUN KETCH TOWNHOUSE IN THE LAST 2 YEARS in either of Sun Ketch Northeast OR Sun Ketch Venetian Isles. This beautiful Sun Ketch at Northeast townhouse was sold for 98.5% of the asking price.  It […]